Online Hands-on Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Programming and Scientific Computing in Python with an Introduction to TensorFlow

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 12 – 16 April 2021


The workshop will run over five half-days as an interactive live session using Zoom so you can connect from your office or your home. There will be two sessions per day (each 2-hour duration), from 1.00 to 3.00 pm and 3.30 to 5.30 pm

There will be an online trial run on 9 April 2021 (Fri) to ensure that every participant’s computer is ready for the workshop.


Presented by Dr Stephen Lynch FIMA SFHEA
Holder of Two Patents
STEM Ambassador and Speaker for Schools


Who will benefit from this worshop?

  • This workshop is designed for anyone in the engineering, computing and scientific community who wants to learn how to use Python for Scientific Computing and TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming.
  • No prior knowledge of Python or programming is required to benefit from this workshop.
  • The emphasis of the workshop is on practical applications by means of hands-on tutorials using Python and TensorFlow. The emphasis is not on the mathematical theory.

Attend this workshop and learn:

  • how to program Python using IDLE, SPYDER and JUPYTER NOTEBOOKS;
  • about models in engineering, computing, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics;
  • how the brain works and about ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
  • how to program deep neural networks In GOOGLE COLAB with TENSORFLOW

The workshop participants need no knowledge of any programming language.  The methods used in this workshop have been successfully tested on undergraduates and postgraduates for over 25 years.

This is a practical workshop using Python and TensorFlow.  Participants are expected to have access to a computer/laptop and internet.

Workshop Fee+

  • Individual Fee: $690.00 per person
  • Group Fee*: $590.00 per person

* Register three or more delegates from the same organisation  at  the  same  time  and  each  delegate  is entitled to this group fee.

+ No GST. We are not GST-registered.

Registration fee includes documentation and Dr. Stephen Lynch’s e-book, ” “Dynamical Systems with Applications using Python”, Springer International Publishing, 2018.


Kindly download the registration form (click here) and email the completed form to

Upon receiving your registration, we will email to you the confirmation of registration and invoice (or e-invoice if you are from the government/statutory organization).