3-Day Online Hands-on Workshop on ROS Industrial Stack

On 21 – 23 Sep 2020 (Pre-workshop briefing session on 18 Sep 2020 @ 3.00 pm)

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Each day contains 2 sessions:

            • Session 1: 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm
            • Session 2: 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm

Presented by:

Eduoard Renard

  • Co-founder of Robotics startups, Niryo, and The Robotics Back-End.
  • Taught more than 3000 people worldwide through online courses


“ROS industrial” is not a package or a tool by itself, it is in fact an organization trying to build useful ROS blocks for industrial robots. As defined here, the “ROS industrial stack” refers to a group of ROS packages/tools/APIs you can use to build a ROS stack for a robot, in order to make it move, basically.

For Who?

This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to:

  • Build a custom ROS stack for a custom-made robot.
  • Understand other robot’s internal ROS stack in order to modify/improve them.
  • Practice with ROS using more advanced concepts and tools.

Note: the workshop is targeting ROS1 (also just named “ROS”), not ROS2, as the industrial stack is not yet fully ported to ROS2. When it will be the case, the concepts in this workshop will be almost the same and applicable to ROS2 with a few modifications.  The workshop will not go into details about mathematics, motion planning algorithms, controller algorithms, nor navigation. The focus is on building the ROS stack for a robot, around existing blocks (tools, packages, etc.) provided by ROS.

What you will learn/do?

  • Create a ROS compatible 3D model for your robot and visualize it (URDF + Rviz).
  • Add motion planning to your model so your robot can move (Moveit).
  • Connect your ROS stack to your real – physical – robot (ros_control).
  • Use ROS simulation tools to work and develop without needing hardware.
  • Take advantage of ROS tools used in almost all ROS robots.
  • Work with other robots’ ROS stack

Workshop fee:





Individual fee


590.00 1290.00
Group fee*

(per person)

540.00 1190.00

* Send three or more delegates from the same organisation at the same time and each delegate is entitled to this group fee.

+ We are not GST-registered.


Kindly download the registration form (click here) and email the completed form to tekbac@singnet.com.sg. Upon receiving your registration, we will email to you the confirmation of registration and invoice (or e-invoice if your organisation is using vendors@gov).