3-Day Online Hands-on Workshop on Creating Robotics Application using ROS2 on Ubuntu

On 28 – 30 Sep 2020 (Pre-workshop briefing on 25 Sep 2020 @3.00 pm)

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Each day contains 2 sessions:

          • Session 1: 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm
          • Session 2: 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm

Presented by:

Eduoard Renard

  • Co-founder of Robotics startups, Niryo, and The Robotics Back-End.
  • Taught more than 3000 people worldwide through online courses


There is now a new version of ROS, called ROS2. The experience accumulated from the first ROS version enabled the team behind ROS2 to provide useful additional features, and fix other problems that made ROS not suitable for certain projects.

For people who are ROS beginners, it is now recommended to start with ROS2, unless they specifically have to deal with a legacy project using ROS1.

For Who?

Engineers, researchers, scientists, teachers, and anyone who wants to:

  • Learn ROS2 from zero
  • Build robotics application quickly using existing blocks
  • Use a robot framework for teaching and testing
  • Switch to ROS2 with a beginner level in ROS1

This workshop is not for intermediate or advanced ROS1 users.

Some of the differences between ROS1 and ROS2 will still be explained, but if you are already a good ROS1 developer and just want to get up to speed quickly with new stuff in ROS2, the pace of this workshop might be too slow for you.


You need to be familiar with Linux and how to use a terminal.

Some basic/intermediate programming knowledge is required (at least Python, bonus C++)

Before the course you will be given a virtual machine image to install on your computer, which contains the environment for the workshop (Ubuntu + ROS2 and necessary packages installed), in order to avoid wasting time during the live training. Instructions will be provided.

What you will learn/do?

  • Develop a scalable ROS2 application with the core functionalities.
  • Use appropriate ROS2 tools in different situations.
  • Experiment with simulated existing ROS robots.

The versions used will be:

  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • ROS2 Foxy Fitzroy

Workshop fee:





Individual fee


590.00 1290.00
Group fee*

(per person)

540.00 1190.00

* Send three or more delegates from the same organisation at the same time and each delegate is entitled to this group fee.

+ We are not GST-registered.


Kindly download the registration form (please click) and email the completed form to tekbac@singnet.com.sg. Upon receiving your registration, we will email to you the confirmation of registration and invoice (or e-invoice if your organisation is using vendors@gov).